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Solo Safety Measures

While virtual lessons aided in furthering education, they were a supplementary and temporary solution to mandatory stay at home orders & no replacement for in-person musical study. 

We are taking every possible precaution for your safety.

Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons

Social Distance Inside

ALL Customers approaching the front desk MUST maintain the CDC recommendation of 6 FEET APART and stand behind the indicated barrier line

If you need to hand someone anything, set it down, and step away until the person collects and gives it to you in the same fashion

Masks Are Mandatory

Please make sure that the mask fully covers your mouth AND nose snuggly around the face and pinch the nose bridge area to mold the mask to the contours of the face

Image by Vera Davidova
Waiting Area

No Loitering

Although we love chatting with you and seeing your beautiful faces, during COVID, waiting or loitering WILL NOT be permitted inside.

Guardians must wait outside of the store and students must be picked up at the scheduled time in order to avoid unnecessary interaction indoors until COVID has been contained


ALL students MUST sanitize/wash hands before and after the lesson. Wash hands for 20 seconds under warm water or wait 20 seconds to allow hands to FULLY air dry after using hand sanitizer.

Teachers must sanitize room after each student 

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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