Learning Guitar


In-Person Lessons
Frequently Asked Questions

How much are private lessons?

Lessons will be billed in 10-week cycles, and payment will be made at the beginning of each cycle.

Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Voice, Flute, and Guitar:

30 min:300.00*

45 min: 450.00*

60 min: 600.00*

New students can enroll at any time. Students must be registered (payment received) to reserve a specific lesson time.

*Tuition does not include books, rentals, or supplies.

What if I miss a lesson?

Please call your teacher at least 48 hours in advance if you will miss a lesson. This

is the only way reimbursed will be issued unless there is an emergency illness, death in the

family, or inclement weather. In those cases should arise, please call your teacher 24 hours in

advance of the scheduled lesson in order to schedule a make-up lesson at a different


If the instructor cancels a lesson, a make-up lesson will be given. Lesson credit is not awarded if the student forgot to

come to the lesson, had too much homework, did not practice, arrived late, etc. This policy is for the courtesy of our teachers. We appreciate your understanding of their time and schedule.

Additional make-up lessons may be arranged at the discretion of the private instructor.

What if I'm tardy or forget about my lesson?

In case of tardiness, forgotten lesson, or not having enough time to practice, lesson
payment will not be reimbursed. Musical development and success is contingent on a
commitment to practice daily and progress in lessons.

When is payment due? Can I get a Refund?

Full payment must be made on the 10th week of lessons. It is the responsibility of the student to keep record of their lessons; however, if you need a reminder, please fell free to ask at any time!

Full payment must be made before a request for refund will be considered if you sign up

for full semester.


Things come up, we understand. However, because of educator's tight schedules and other students, it is your responsibility to call your teacher ahead (48 hour minimum) of time and arrange to come in at a different time or day. Always notify your instructor know of an upcoming conflict. It may be possible to trade lesson times with another student. This is also a courtesy to the teacher.

I've enrolled. Now what?


Lessons are held at Solo Classic, 476 W. Half Day Road, and Buffalo Grove. Attendance at your first lesson automatically results in compliancy with our payment and absence policy.

  • It is beneficial to arrive a few minutes early to allow students to feel relaxed and ready.

  • Bring a notebook. Your instructor will be writing down assignments and notes essential to your practice at home. 

  • Bring any and all materials you have from previous instructors. Although you may not use them during your lesson, it will give your instructor perspective into your skill set. If you do not have any materials, your instructor will provide you with books for purchase available in-store!

  • Bring your instrument piano/voice lessons excluded), rental instruments are available in-store, please call or ask front desk for further details.

Can Parents sit in on the lessons?

Yes. Children can benefit from having a parent nearby during practice sessions (to give praise
and suggestions--with love, of course). 
We care about our students, so please feel free to discuss any aspect of a student’s
development, even those that are unrelated to music, with your private instructor or front

Guitar Playing


Virtual Lessons
Frequently Asked Questions


How do virtual lessons work?

You select a package of 10 lessons and the amount of time you'd like-- 30, 45, or 60 minutes of practice. We recommend you listen to the advice of the teacher as they know how much time it will take for the most optimal lesson. 

You will need to make your payment in full to Solo Classic Music School before proceeding with the lesson. With Corona Virus concerns, the best way to pay is virtually.

How do I make a payment?

All payments should be made to Solo Classic Music school via Zelle services available through your bank (Ex: QuickPay or others)

Make payment to SoloClassic@hotmail.com

Enter the Student's Name and Teacher's Name in the description

We are also looking into setting up a book online feature through our website-stay tuned!

Do I have to sign up for 10 lessons or can I do less?

We have tried to accommodate to our clients in the past, but because we have so many students and teachers, with ever changing schedules, our teachers depend on a 10 lesson commitment. Anything short of that makes it extremely difficult to pay our teachers consistently and on time as people often don't pay exactly when they have completed their lesson package. Those delays also get in the way of student scheduling and make it difficult to ensure set lesson times.

We apologize for the inconvenience, we are looking out for our teachers, while also trying to accommodate to varying student lesson schedules. 

Do I need an app to be able to have a virtual lesson?

As soon as you sign up for virtual lessons, you and your teacher will decide what application is best suited for you and your virtual lesson.
Besides Facetime, Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp, our teachers also have the app Zoom. With Zoom, your teacher will schedule a time and date for your lesson and email you a link.  You merely have to click on the link provided in order to begin your lesson, no app downloading necessary--just click and start your lesson!

What if we run into technical difficulties during the virtual lesson?

We understand that with any technology, there could be issues that can arise. Not to worry. You will NOT be charged for the time it took to resolve any issues. As soon as everything is in order, that is when the lesson will begin.

Can I take lessons with my regular teacher?

Yes! This feature was designed so that you can continue with your regular schedule. It is crucial to remain with the teacher the student began in-person lessons with as they have built a relationship with the student and have built a customized learning plan specifically for them. Should you need to change teachers, let us know and we will make sure they connect and educate each other on about your lesson plan.

Will virtual lessons always be offered?

So far, we are making adjustments based on the current status of the Corona Virus and recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization. This is a temporary solution during social distancing initiatives that we have not anticipated, but feel is necessary in order to maintain the musical education of our students as well as support our teachers during this difficult time.

Nothing can replace the benefits of an in-person lesson as there is a natural amount of connection lost in translation when a lesson is conducted virtually. 

Are virtual lessons necessary? Can't a student practice on their own?

If it were only that easy! The guidance of a musical instructor is crucial to the proper learning of a musical instrument. Without frequent guidance, students may pick up on bad habits that will be very difficult to undo once the damage is done. Also, when students' questions go unanswered, learning is naturally unable to progress. An instructor knows how to spot improper technique or lack of musical awareness and provide targeted knowledge through their years of experience and education so as to ensure optimal learning that lasts and builds a strong musical foundation. 

The connection between teacher and student is one that is important to foster and continue. You wouldn't give a book to a student who knows nothing about a subject and expect them to understand it without going to school or being taught under the supervision of an instructor, now add a complicated musical instrument to the mix and the results will most be more noisy than musical!